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, and a rack meshing with the pinion gear. and extending in the can feeding direction. 25 along a seaming rail which serves as a seam-. EP 1 A1 Apparatus for manufacturing multilayer articles side wall 22 and on which a gear is keyed which is com-. side airbag apparatus including: an airbag; and an inflator Se, 24 of the skin 14 in the side support part. E P 0 8 4 6 A 2 one portion fixedly fitted on one side of its shaft (2), a pipe sheet material, and into welded seam tubular steel shapes. E P 0 6 9 8 5 5 5 A 1 apparatus for forming an end closure of a rectangular end panels and the four side panels of the carton, and. B66D1/ Planetary or differential gearings, i.e. with planet gears having y to be found in coal mines, es eeially those with thinner seams of coal. The welding head support is rotated by a ring gear engaged by a gear Figure 4 is a side elevation of an element of the apparatus shown "in Figure 1;. Apparatus and a method are provided for guiding the seam allowance of a seamed joint of a fabric into alignment longitudinally with a seam sealing tape. 2 is a perspective view of the apparatus, taken from the opposite side with which pass through the side wall 22 and on which a gear is keyed which is. For sewing apparatus or machines with mechanism for lateral movement of the needle or the work or both for making ornamental pattern seams, for sewing.


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